Project Description

Design Lab



The brief was to create an identity and internal promotional campaign to showcase the collaboration between the Design & UX team. The team was called Design Lab. With the plethora of internal comms hitting all 800+ employees across the 8 offices around the world the challenge was to create a marketing strategy that grabbed attention and left people with a keen sense of interest in the importance of Design. The additional request was for the identity to be square in some shape or form and that the logo wasn’t elaborate. To me, this limited the design style for me but a brief is a brief! I’m not a fan of the final choice by the client. Some battles you just need to leave and deliver the job. 



My cunning plan was to launch a guerrilla marketing campaign where we would launch the Design Lab branding in all 9 global offices simultaneously. Design Lab would take over the offices with wall stickers and table stickers in all locations. I designed the wall mural that highlighted keywords to describe Design and UX. The design and execution of the mural must be immaculate so as to demonstrate the beauty of design.  Typographic posters formed the inspiration for the mural. Alongside the eye-catching work, an A5 postcard was left on employee’s desks along with a tea coaster which had quotes about design and UX.  This ensured the message hit home every day.

Why? because everyone loves a cup of tea/coffee! 

ROLE:  Identity design. Art direction. Interior Design. Marketing strategy. Print production. 

Feeling: Like Gigi Hadid’s boyfriend 🙂

wall mural
wall mural

A selection of concepts for the new identity. Some work better than the final design itself.

wall mural

A5 postcard placed on the desk of every employee across the 8 global offices

Artwork for the wall mural that displayed keywords to describe Design and UX.

wall mural

The final artwork placed on the kitchen wall of the London office

wall mural

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